Monday, 2 January 2012

More Thoughts...

Hey! Another random post here! Well, it's not random, just it's not specified. A load of stuff that has been gathering up in my mind over the holidays! Mainly photos to be honest. Anyhow, read on...

Here you have shoes that contain colours that are found on the dress.
This is very useful to find matching accessories!

 These are pictures taken of my friends notebook. Don't worry, I asked her permission first! She has taken all the things out of magazines, and put them together to make some adorable outfits. She has taken similar colours and put them together to make outfits, and found accessories to go with them. Just take a look...
Summer beach accessories. I don't know about you, but I am already excited to go on my summer holidays, and these things look brilliant. I love those pink heels to bits, and I want that dress.
See what I mean? Getting in the summer mood already aren't you? Maybe not heels on the beach, but will give you attitude on the poolside.
Androgynous blouse, and ultra feminine heels. I LOVE IT! And that coat in the corner will keep the winter blues away for good, I promise! 

This colour is so in this season, so grab it in the sales! You might not like it at first, but I think it grows on you. It's so 70s, that you may as well be in a time machine, and so gorgeous that you could be on the cover of Vogue.

Ooo, how I want that Autumn outfit! Try horizontal stripes before you buy, because they don't suit a lot of people. But if they do suite you then I think they are great.

If only I'd known about this coat before Winter 2011. My Henry Holland one is gorge, but y'know...And that Spring dress is just such an amazing shade of red!

Oh no! Not more coats that I don't have! This is a great casual outfit for winter, teamed up perfectly with those boots!

Autumn parties here we come! Just remember this when September comes! I guess you could also work this in the spring too, especially in rainy UK!

This should probably have gone on yesterdays post, but I only uploaded the picture today! Welcome, to my GORGEOUS lace 50s frock form 'H!' by Henry Holland. 

If you've heard of Blue Rinse, then I applaud you. It is a really nice line of vintage clothes that are all made form either vintage patterns, vintages fabrics or adapted vintage clothes. You can find these in the Blue Rinse stores in Leeds or Manchester, and in some Miss Selfridge shops across the UK.

Hope you liked it! Also Max Raynor has put some new designs up on his blog, so be sure to check them out!!
Jo xx

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  1. Awesome sketchbook, darling!
    I am so ready for a vacation so I can wear my bikinis!